Third Trinity

Third Trinity
Publisher: Jitney Books
Publication Year: March 17, 2018
ASIN: 0997949287
ISBN: 9780997949285
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About the Book

Third Trinity is an innovative and exciting book.

Inside you will read three versions of the same story: a screenplay, short film and play.

This Trilogy is steeped in ritual, filled with musical language and era related songs that tell a unique Miami story of the struggle for Puerto Rican Independence, drug smuggling and the timeless tale of brotherhood. Beginning with a visionary reading by Mami Yeya, she tells her pregnant daughter she will have three boys, one a politician, one a criminal and the other an artist.

The young mother scoffs off the augury until the murder of her sister leaves her with custody of her two young children. Three young boys begin an uncanny journey into smuggling, prison, political dissonance, and the theater. This story is a powerful and distinct retrospective of growing up in Miami.

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