107 Taste Offers Perfect Asian Food for the Starving College Student

As hungry and broke college students, you’re always looking for a quick bite to eat. Whether it be the local burger joint down the street or your roommate’s mother’s cooking, college kids are constantly looking for food worth their while.

In comes local FIU restaurant 107 Taste 味 – FIU, known colloquially as “107.” If you’re looking for excellent food on a college student budget, then this is something that should pique your interest.

Nestled in a cozy strip mall 5 minutes away from the campus at 1679 SW 107th Ave, Miami, 107 Taste is an Asian fusion eatery bound to satisfy all of your late night ramen cravings. Offering a selection of multiple flavors of bubble tea (I recommend the green tea,) and a variety of dishes like Japanese donburi and spicy Korean ramen bowls, 107 is just the right place to scratch your ‘rice bowl’ itch.

I initially discovered 107 after a long day of classes and hanging out with a couple of friends of mine. The five of us squeezed into a car and unanimously decided we all wanted to sate our noodle craving.

The atmosphere was wonderful.

As soon as you walk in, you’re instantly met with the clashing of forks on plates, several animated conversations, and a very friendly waiting staff. The walls of the building reflect the menu’s uniqueness that can only be described as immersive.

On one side, the menu was written out in chalk, conveniently located right beside the bar. The other side was lined with brick, covered with various murals that read “Be Cool Have Fun,” and what is, presumably, an Asian couple sharing/presenting a bowl of ramen.

Our waiter, whose name I wish I could remember – she was very kind, took our order while asking us how our finals went, we felt at home -weirdly. About 20 or so minutes later our food came in, and…


That’s the only way to describe it. Better than ‘wow,’ actually.  If you’re like me and was born and raised here in Miami, you grew up on Latin food for the most part. Seeing (or tasting other types of foods, really) was a rare occasion. You can imagine my shock when I ordered the Japanese donburi not knowing what to expect.

Sitting on a bed of rice topped with chicken, sesame seeds, a seasoned fried egg and a plethora of green onions, the donburi was an easy dish to consume. The egg, in particular, was the standout item in the dish,  the chicken was juicy and cooked to perfection. Under all of that was a sweet and slightly spicy sauce that held the dish together.

The chef gives you just enough food to last about 2 days, I couldn’t even finish my dish at the restaurant. Luckily, there were take out boxes so I could safely and happily take my donburi home in one piece. The great thing about this? All of this was available at the low price of $10.50.

Sit-down restaurants like 107 are becoming increasingly obsolete nowadays. With the invention of food delivery systems like GrubHub and Postmates growing wildly popular, grabbing a bite to eat with your family or friends is a rarity. 107 Taste is one of those restaurants that could change this trend. Its atmosphere, food, and dining intimacy are unlike anything I’ve experienced. One can only hope that they continue to grow and get better.


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Alex Windley

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