1111 Lincoln Road Yoga, Warrior Flow & Green Monkey, literally the best things in Miami

1111 Lincoln Road yoga is Miami’s gift from the gods. Yes, there’s yoga, in a pandemic. It’s outside, socially distanced and absolutely beautiful.

1111 Lincoln Road is a wonderful architectural gem. It is arguably the most beautiful building not only on the Beach, but in the entire city. The seven-floor garage is probably closer to twenty stories, with some levels containing ceilings 34 feet high.

It’s simply breathtaking, as are the yoga classes.

Warrior Flow Yoga at 1111 Lincoln Road

On Thursday, the Miami yoga organization Warrior Flow, holds perhaps the best yoga class in the country. With silent disco headphones, the instructors lead the class through a freaking insane workout.

The first twenty-five minutes is a boot camp style flow that kicks butt. Then there is an hour yoga flow class, somewhere between Hatha and Ashtanga in style.

Sometimes Warrior Flow brings in guests to mix things up.

There is always a dance party in the class and usually a wind down meditation. The whole class, for $15, lasts up to two hours. Often the class has a theme, like glutes or abs or arms, ect.

The Warrior Flow class is literally the best thing in Miami.

Warrior Flow also hosts two FREE community yoga classes on Sunday at the same location. For tickets to yoga check out Warrior Flow.

And there are tons of pics and videos on their Instagram.

Green Monkey Yoga

1111 Lincoln Road also hosts yoga throughout the week from other studios, to spread the love. We highly recommend the classes taught on Tuesday, offered by the iconic yoga studio, Green Monkey for $25.

So, to sum up, there is awesome yoga on Sunday, Tuesday and also Thursday. That is a healthy lifestyle right there.

1111 Lincoln Rd Yoga Experience

1111 yoga classes were once taught on the seventh floor, which possesses an unbelievable, panoramic view of the city. As of recently, the classes moved to the fourth floor, where the view isn’t the same. We’ve heard, from several sources, that the tenant in the $34 million-dollar condo penthouse complained and squashed community yoga from the pristine 7th floor to the less-than-ideal 4th floor. Typical.

But that’s income inequality for you. Power to the people.

We also hear the condo is on the market. Maybe the next tenant will not mind the community yoga classes? Maybe the classes will go back to the seventh floor? Who knows? In the meantime, if you go to yoga at 1111 Lincoln Road, which you should, you must check out the view on the 7th floor, whether the classes are there or not.

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J.J. Colagrande

Has written about Miami culture for almost twenty years, first with The Miami Herald, then Miami New Times and Huffington Post. He's the publisher of The Jitney and a full-time professor.