A Place Where the Snow Is Forgotten

I’m grateful for Miami at four in the morning when everyone’s asleep, and the city is peaceful.

I’m grateful for Little Havana, cafecitos, and café con leches.

I’m grateful I can see my mother’s face every weekend when I come home to the harbor of my bedroom.

I’m grateful for empanadas, for El Palacio de los Jugos: for mangos and breakfast at 6 in the morning.

I’m grateful for my walks on Miracle Mile. For the coral rock at Venetian Pool when I was a kid and played with my cousins. For my bike rides up the bridge on the Rickenbacker Causeway where I can see the sunset. For my quinces pics at Vizcaya.

Yes, I know: I’m so Latina.

For my time singing Christmas carols in the choir at Coral Gables Senior.

I’m grateful to be in Miami, a place where people don’t get as much racism for speaking Spanish. A place where salsa is heard on street corners. A place where the snow is forgotten. A place I’ve known my whole life. A place I love even when the traffic gets me angry, even with the high cost of living, I still love Miami, this city where I was raised.

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Veronica Suarez

Veronica Suarez is a poet, writer, editor, and a graduate of the creative writing program at F.I.U. Her most recent book, Nights in The City Beautiful, is a novella in verse in search of a publisher.