The Jitney

The Jitney blog is a subdivision of Jitney Books, specializing in producing journalism. We feature fresh content written by some of the best professional Miami area writers. Some of our contributors are paid.  Others use our platform as a means of expression.

We aim to publish daily with a focus on arts and culture.

Our interests are to cover the Miami media market, from West Palm Beach down to Key West.

The Jitney blog is currently accepting ideas for coverage. And we are currently looking for writers.

For inquiries contact jitneybooks@gmail.com

Jitney Books

Jitney Books is a local publishing / media company specializing in publishing books (novels, short story collections, memoirs, screenplays) by Miami-area writers writing about Miami. We are interested in telling real Miami stories, human stories, not the Miami stories you see in pop culture.

All of our covers feature original art work by local Miami area street artists.

Jitney Books is currently closed for submissions, but we have published nine titles in the last year.

Jitney Books Approach

Jitney Books aims to fill two voids in publishing.

1. Provide a fresh and diverse new journalism outlet to a media market lacking in voices that publish original and credible journalism.

2. Serve emerging and mid-career writers and playwrights who are either unable to connect with the corporate publishing world, or, who would rather not connect with mainstream publishing.