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AHOL Sniffs Glue Traps Out Churchill’s Pub

Buy art at a gallery. Buy artist-made goods at a museum gift shop—maybe even on the artist’s website. The idea of pop-up venues has revolutionized the way people take their dining experiences to a different level or how they consume other forms of entertainment. For artists using this model, the pop-up “store” provides a controlled, in-person environment in which they can expand their brand and interact with a clientele that does not look into traditional art collection avenues.

No artist in South Florida has worked the pop-up venture in the way AHOL Sniffs Glue has. Before it was a concrete, mainstream idea, AHOL was offering limited edition pieces at art happenings across town in the unlikeliest of places. Guerilla movie screenings at warehouses in the shadow of St. Mary’s Cathedral in Little River, straight hawking and hustlin’ his tagline of Miami Full Time within larger events, reworking a claw crane game machine at a gallery, etc.

“This will be the second edition of the Cyber Trap Boutique, ‘Trappin’ Out the Hill,’” says David Anasagasti, better known as Miami’s most identifiable artist, AHOL. “Churchill’s was down to work on something cool and with Nastie’s (Nassie Shahoulian) help we, somehow got access to trap out Dave’s old crib in the back.” Dave Daniels, the former proprietor of the beloved dive bar famously resided on property through waves of punks and weirdos.

Using the bar for all its worth, AHOL has turned the small residence in the back into his second iteration of the Cyber Trap Boutique and will have a music component with performances from the Jacuzzi Boys, Otto von Schirach among others. “Since the store’s in the back house and we had access to the club itself, we decided to throw some gas on the fire with some unique bookings for opening and closing.”

AHOL Sniffs Glue Cyber Trap Two

This pop-up’s offerings will include limited edition clothing, small handmade pieces like sculptures, pins, mugs and books. A special run of his comfortable and stylish Rider sandals will be available with Dr. Dabber proving giveaways. Every day will feature a new release so he can space out inventory and as he’s most excited about, “make people drive to little Haiti every day to get their fix of rarities.”

Since he first brightened up commuting on I-95 with his mural on the Margulies Collection Warehouse and threw down legally (and won) with corporate entities who tried to take him for a ride, AHOL has come to represent Miami swag artistically.

He’s defiantly proud of his hometown, proud to be a Miami artist. He’s also Miami’s most approachable artist. Burgeoning and dedicated collectors shouldn’t pass this opportunity up. If it’s anything like last year’s pop-up, shit’s gonna fly off the shelves.

Then you can have a cold one with AHOL at the bar.

AHOL Sniffs Glue Cyber Trap Boutique store will run from Wednesday, June 6th through Saturday, June 9th at Churchill’s Hideaway Pub, 5501 NE 2 AVE, Miami.   

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