Associates Add Some Jazz to Miami

Associates find a way to make elegantly arranged jazz but in a crazy school kid vibe. Don’t let the name fool you, while they connect on stage when you watch them live each character comes out of its shell. Trust me, that’s fun. The band hopped on the Jitney to answer some of our questions.

Why the name Associates?

We write our music collaboratively with the utmost respect for each other’s contributions and wanted to leave our door open for guest appearances. The name lends itself to both concepts.

What is your practice situation and how do you write your songs?

We practice at Steve’s place and sometimes at Saeed’s too. Someone will come up with the seed of a tune and present it to the others for them to create and add their own parts. 

If you can have a guest musician play with you, who would it be?

Saeed is our guitarist and singer but in the studio he adds trumpet and keys. It would be cool to have a horn player as a guest, maybe Kamasi Washington or Kermit.

Tell us about your next album, when can we expect it?

We are currently working on a series of recorded songs, with three complete. We’ve been uploading them to our Bandcamp as we finalize them. We hope to have it ready for early 2024.

Share with us something that you wouldn’t usually tell other people.

We are an open book and share all.

Where do you come from?

We are from Miami.

Do you have a video coming out?

Once we get further along the recording process we hope to release a few videos. We would like to work with different video creators.

What was the first album you each bought?

Ryan- The Roots – Organix

Steve- Kiss – Creatures of the Night

Saeed- The Fugees – Blunted on Reality

If you missed their set at Bar Nancy recently go give them a follow to keep up with what they are doing and make it out to one of their shows which you can learn about by following them on Instagram.

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Maitejosune Urrechaga

Visual artist Maitejosune Urrechaga is a South Florida artist who works with music, installations, comic books and film. She is perhaps best known as the "better half" of Miami's Pocket Of Lollipops where she plays bass and shares vocal duties with her husband drummer.