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Birds Singing Lies, Debut From Miami Photographer Chance Nkosi Gomez

Most of us are Baseled out but we need you to dig deep and keep moving on. To understand the future, you have to listen to the now. What is currently being produced is always more important than what is history. 

This idiom touches all art forms, whether visual, literary, dramatics, musical or whatever. That is not to say we must forget the past. No. But we must embrace our emerging talent.   

Chance Nkosi Gomez is a conceptual Miami photographer whose debut exhibition Birds singing lies opens this Friday night.  Curated by local Miami visual artist CrystalAlyssa, Nkosi visually expresses 13 concepts that are inspired by current U.S. politics.

Birds singing lies

Nkosi emphasizes the significance of this body of work by challenging the audience to question their own truth and the reality around them. Currently technology, algorithms and media all take place at the front line of fire in the political arena. “It is important now more than ever to question what one has accepted as their own reality,” explains Nkosi.

Chance Nkosi Gomez’ first solo exhibition, Birdssinging lies, will take place one night only this Friday, December 14, 2018 from 7 p.m.–10 The Set, 776 NW 21st Ter. Other collaborators on this body of work include Maria Del Mar & MariaJose of “Ayashamcreations”, Joel Gaitan, Iyanna James-Stephenson, Amunbes, Say Sukii, Ekaterina Juskowski, Nas’tassiaSimpson, and Vá Cabral.

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