TOUR: A Journey Through Miami’s Culture

TOUR: A Journey Through Miami’s Culture

Tour offers an overview of the main historical, cultural and popular elements that have shaped the city of Miami. 

Tour offers an overview of the main historical, cultural and popular elements that have shaped the city of Miami.

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About the Book

Jitney Books is proud to announce the publication of its 11th title, TOUR: A Journey Through Miami’s Culture, by Miami’s own Pedro Medina León. We say this with pride and it is not an overstatement.  TOUR: A Journey Through Miami’s Culture is the best non-fiction book written to date chronicling the unique history of our beloved Miami.

TOUR: A Journey Through Miami’s Culture

There are many books written about Miami history. Most titles focus on our roots, in the early 1900’s highlighting names like Flagler, Deering or Tuttle. Or, books are written focusing on era’s, like the sun-in-fun 50’s, or counter-cultural 60s, or raucous crime riddled 80’s.

Tour is better than all of them.

What makes Tour so special is it incorporates not only Miami’s biographical history, but our wonderful pop culture. Written as a series of short almost blog like vignettes, Tour travels down Miami’s historical rabbit hole like nothing yet written.

Tour touches on our founders like Deering and Flagler. It doesn’t ignore Miami’s crazy era’s like the 80’s — they’re in there — but there’s much more. Versace, the Bee Gees, Bob Marley, David Beckham, U2, The Doors, Al Capone and much, much more.

There is also wonderful and specific attention to our movies and literary giants, like MoonlightScarface, Elmore Leonard, Charles Willeford and again, much more.


TOUR: A Journey Through Miami’s Culture

Pedro Medina León executes this masterpiece flawlessly. León is a Miami based writer who regularly contributes to El Nuevo Herald.

He also runs the Spanish literature blog Suburbano. Suburbano is Jitney’s brother: they publish books in Spanish, 14 titles so far, and run a blog in Spanish, publishing daily cultural content in Spanish.

In addition, Pedro’s new book Tour looks great.

The cover design and interior layout are amazing.

Books and Books Launch of Tour

Tour is officially live and available for purchase at Books & Books and wherever books are sold, including Amazon.

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