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 Author: J.J. Colagrande  Category: Jitney Books  Publisher: Jitney Books  Published: September 17, 2021


Headz the Trilogy is the definitive novel chronicling the culture of music festivals.

First published in 2011, it features a diverse cast of rebellious American characters from New York, San Francisco, and Miami. The book follows their journey across the country to Chicago for Oracledang! — the biggest and baddest festival of the summer. Once there, paths converge for an event none of the characters will soon forget and a concert only a few will get to see.

Headz the Trilogy is a countercultural gem appealing to anyone who has been to a music festival, whether Woodstock, Bonnaroo, Ultra, Burning Man, Rolling Loud, Grateful Dead or Phish, Coachella or Lollapoalloza — you will enjoy this wild, timeless ride.

Featuring act (for Headz)


Set Break is a new novella featuring dozens of first person anecdotes, vignettes, and bonus scenes — profiling most of the characters from Headz. In some instances, Set Break serves as a prequel to the events and timeline of the original novel, in other cases it adds nuance and context to the real-time events of the novel. It is a delightful, animated respite and deeper dive into the Headz universe.



Encore is a new novella taking place directly after the events of Headz. It is a sequel to the original novel set at different music festivals across the country. It features fifty first person anecdotes and scenes from several characters, both continuing the Headz saga while being a stand alone novella. Like any good concert, a solid Encore is the perfect ending to any memorable show.



“J.J. Colagrande’s first novel is a cause for rejoicing. He knows about the contemporary music scene because he is a part of it.”

–David Amram
Author, Offbeat: Collaborating with Kerouac

“J.J. Colagrande has staked claim on a wild new territory of ecstatic music and young love in a time of hedonism.”

–John Dufresne
Author, Louisiana Power and Light and Love Warps the Mind a Little

“This book gets inside the next generation jam band scene and turns it back out.”

–Peter Conners
Author, Growing up Dead, The Hallucinated Confessions of a Teenage Deadhead

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