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 Author: Luis Garcia  Category: Jitney Books  Publisher: Jitney Books  Published: October 22, 2017  ISBN: 0997949252

A directionless and unreliable college freshman goes on a quest to make life into art in obsessive and creepy ways. An inmate in a confinement cell writes a letter to his ex, explaining a bizarre occurrence. Santeria, love, magic, and memory are explored from Kendall to Little Havana. A night’s hellish adventure for one suburban hoodlum comes full circle. A war story is shared at Jackson Memorial Hospital’s detox unit. A father somehow entangles his scat fetish with his child. The dissolution of a Halloween party in Wynwood ends with a crossbow. And a tale that involves two friends, a boat, the Gulf Stream, dolphins, necrophilia, and an overdose of LSD are among the thirteen stories found in Missing, a collection born and raised in Miami.

Missing is for sale here.

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