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Riders in Disguise

 Author: Patrick Anderson  Category: Jitney Books  Publisher: Jitney Books  Published: September 15, 2023  ISBN: 1733509348  Tags: patrick andersonriders in disguise |

Riders in Disguise.

Miami, 1979.

Rig Lopez-Campbell is a middle-schooler navigating the streets of Liberty City following his father’s imprisonment. Tommy Munoz is a Pedro Pan survivor and former accountant dragged into the violent world of cocaine trafficking. Tina Pacheco is a Puerto-Rican freelance photographer-turned-journalist after capturing images of the Dadeland Mall Massacre. Ralph Williams is a homicide detective tasked with stemming the tide of carnage in the face of growing corruption within his own department.

Touring Magic City during the height of the Cocaine Cowboy era, Riders in Disguise takes a broad look at the most influential period in South Florida’s history.


Praise for Riders in Disguise

“Brilliant and scathing…Anderson Jr. delivers a smart vibrant unforgettable knockout…”
-Junot Diaz, Pulitzer Prize winning author of This Is How You Lose Her

“…Compelling from the first page, Riders in Disguise perfectly captures the contradictions that beset Miami, a city both blessed and cursed by its diversity and its fearlessness.”
– Susan Hubbard, author of The Society of S Trilogy

“In this terrifying and stunning debut, Patrick Anderson shines a prismatic light on Miami’s violent past…”
– Darlin Neal, author of Rattlesnakes & The Moon and Elegant Punk


Read an extensive interview with Patrick Anderson, Jr here

A clip from above interview.

“Through the main characters, the reader gets a glimpse into four very different Miami communities. Tina Pacheco is a budding photo-journalist who lands a gig at the most prestigious newspaper in Miami after capturing images of the 1979 Dadeland Mall Massacre. Ralph Williams is a seasoned homicide detective and Vietnam war veteran trying to do his job amid a historic crime wave and growing corruption within his own department. Tommy Muñoz is a Pedro Pan survivor who is unwittingly (and violently) dragged into the world of drug trafficking when his wife’s uncle hires him as a driver. And then there’s Rig Lopez-Campbell, an impoverished middle-schooler growing up in Liberty City as the crack epidemic gets underway.

Each characters’ individual tale is a branch of the larger overarching narrative in Riders in Disguise. Their trajectories throughout the novel (and the planned trilogy) aim to shed light on the multifaceted storylines Miami residents experienced throughout the eighties, with the burgeoning drug war and its long-term impact lying center stage.”


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