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Third Trinity

 Author: Teo Castellanos  Category: Jitney Books  Publisher: Jitney Books  Published: July 18, 2018  ISBN: 0997949287

Teo Castellanos ‘ Third Trinity is an innovative and exciting book.

Inside you will read three versions of the same story: a screenplay, short film and play.

This Trilogy is steeped in ritual, filled with musical language and era related songs that tell a unique Miami story of the struggle for Puerto Rican Independence, drug smuggling and the timeless tale of brotherhood. Beginning with a visionary reading by Mami Yeya, she tells her pregnant daughter she will have three boys, one a politician, one a criminal and the other an artist.

The young mother scoffs off the augury until the murder of her sister leaves her with custody of her two young children. Three young boys begin an uncanny journey into smuggling, prison, political dissonance, and the theater. This story is a powerful and distinct retrospective of growing up in Miami.

Praise for Third Trinity by Teo Castellanos

“Third Trinity is prophecy come true. Spoken on the eve of her death, a matriarch foresees the life of her three grandsons’ through their trials and triumphs. At once we are captured by the breadth and intimacy of this hero’s journey told in three. The braiding is done by our otherworldly narrator Mami Yeya, allowing us a deep and electric connectivity to the third rails of humanity; through her attention to the spiritual world, her joy in the everyday acts of kindness, and her unflinching love for the individuals her grandsons will become, Third Trinity takes us on a sojourn half-way across the world only to discover we were never too far from home..”

Tarell Alvin McCraney, Academy Award, Moonlight

“Castellanos is one of the vanguard theatrical storytellers of his generation, fearless, skilled, and always satisfying. Hands down, Teo puts Miami on the map for theatrical monologues and storytelling for the Hip-Hop generation”

Danny Hoch, Actor & Playwright

“This unflinching tale is sometimes tragic, sometimes hilarious, always gorgeously written and observant. A story of the struggle to control your destiny, find purpose, and, ultimately, of the power of art.”

Jordan Levin, Arts Writer and Critic

“The authentic voice of Teo Castellanos ignites the color of bi-lingual Miami through his high-energy personal lens and intense stories emanating from his Puerto Rican heritage.”

Mary Luft, Artistic Director, Tigertail

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