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The True Tales of Bad Benny Taggart

 Author: Timothy Schmand  Category: Jitney Books  Publisher: Jitney Books  Published: October 21, 2021  ISBN: 1733509321

We meet Benny Taggart when his anger erupts as a student in a middle school just outside of Buffalo, New York. His explosive reactions to bullying and brutality propel him through the portal of a failing juvenile ‘justice’ system. Here Benny perfects his “bad” persona, masking insecurities which are only compounded by a devastating tragedy. Thrust toward adulthood with a few missing pieces, we follow ‘Bad’ Benny on an odyssey to find a father he never met, following clues he may have imagined, all of which point toward Miami. Benny Taggart becomes Huck Finn and Holden Caulfield seen through Alice’s looking glass. This late 20th century American coming-of-age journey is far from a straight path. Faced with larger-than-life danger and confronted by mysterious folk he never could have imagined, Benny wrestles his way toward whatever adulthood may bring. Filled with a cast of unique American characters, The True Tales of Bad Benny Taggart is a fast-paced journey from betrayal through violence and danger…toward an unknown future.

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