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Just Johnson: The London Delivery

 Author: Timothy Schmand  Category: Jitney Books  Publisher: Jitney Books  Published: February 6, 2023  ISBN: 099794921X

Populated by Miami’s fits and misfits, Just Johnson: The London Delivery traces the exploits of our hero — Johnson — a driver and delivery man for Stephen Teitelbaum (aka The Fat Man) the 490 pound criminal mastermind who manages the remains of Meyer Lansky’s Miami Beach operation. Johnson’s live-in, bi-sexual and hypersexual girlfriend, Alexandra Cohen (he calls her Al), is a marketing consultant whose employment takes her to London. She asks Johnson to join her. To afford the trip Johnson arranges a delivery for one of The Fat Man’s many friends.

From London to Miami and back, Just Johnson: The London Delivery is a rumbling, unstoppable freight train of a tale. Although bouncing between the 80s and mid 90s of Miami, this novel confirms that some things will never change in this city. Miami is weird, weird, weird – and that’s why we love it so.

“Just Johnson: The London Delivery is a funny, fast-paced spy thriller filled with zany over-the-top characters who find themselves entangled in events larger than themselves.” Huffington Post

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