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 Author: David Rolland  Category: Jitney Books  Publisher: Jitney Books  Published: September 21, 2021  ISBN: 173350933X


Nobody slings a yo-yo like Benny James. Behind the back, through the air, between his legs, suspended at a hundred and twenty-degree angle, he’s sold out arenas nationwide wowing and kapowing audiences with his yo-yo. But still there’s a hole in Benny’s heart. He just can’t get over the girl who got away. And no amount of fame, fortune or after-hours masked crime-fighting will ease that pain. But as Benny navigates his weird world he learns life really can be like a yo-yo. Sometimes it’s up, sometimes it’s down, and sometimes it smacks you right in the face.


“A universe where a hopeless romantic yo-yo champion crime fighting vigilante can sell out Madison Square Garden. Who knew?” J.J. Colagrande, author of Decò 2.0

Yo-Yo is for sale here.

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