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Broken Poet David C. Durkee Hops on Jitney Podcast (Audio)

Broken Poet is a collection of lyrics and short stories fueled by the true-life experiences and exploits of a man wandering through middle age in the sometimes dark and addicted cruel back alleys of South Florida.

Broken Poet writes in a frank, direct manner to tell stories. Stories ranging from a homeless vet strolling into a Church on Christmas Eve to a man waking up the night after an affair with a married woman. Sometimes the language can be raw and unflattering, in the mold of Bukowski. However, the stories and the lyrics, if truly understood, leave the reader with a silver lining of hope.

We spoke with the Broken Poet, David C. Durkee in a freewheeling fun interview on our monthly podcast.

Listen below and support his book here.

It’s a good read and listen.

Dude’s an honest guy. Good heart. Truth slayer.


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