carolesdaughter Is Inspiring Across Multiple Generations

carolesdaughter is a singer-songwriter who broke out on her single “Violent” late last year and into this year. There’s not that much media written on her, which inspired this post, but the inspiration runs deeper than her music and style and flair.

Her personal story is one that truly resonates across multiple generations in America, whether she knows it intentionally or not.

As told in her own words in a wonderful interview with Noisetrend, carolesdaughter (real name Thea Taylor) explains. “I’ve always gravitated towards extremes, but growing up Mormon is really hard. If I went to church now with the way I look, people would judge me. I don’t like how religion is not for everyone.”

Being forced into a strict religion is something tens of millions of young people face every year. It’s a multi-generational issue. As other belief systems bloom, and sciences like psychology grow, the issue bridges Generation X, Y & Z.

One huge problem with strict religions is they deprive you of your childhood. And when you rebel, or run away, if you can, you tend to turn to substances for relief, or darker practices like cutting for escape.

It’s an issue (not having a free childhood due to religion) that takes a very very long time to come to terms with, and many people never do.

One key is finding your way out.

Again, from Noisetrend, in her own words carolesdaughter explains. “I think that I have a really interesting life story. I’ve been to rehab over nine times, my entire teenage years were spent in and out of treatment. Music saved my life, and music is therapy…”

Thea’s personal life story reminds me of someone very special who is in her mid-thirties now who grew up as a Jehoviah’s Witness here in Miami. That cult is a belief system that will undoubtedly steal away your childhood. For context, today in America, there are 4.5 million Mormons, and 1.3 million Witnesses (8.7 world-wide).

Down here in Miami, there are a lot of young people, Latin women in particular, who come from very strict religious backgrounds. And it’s hard to get away, especially if you have nowhere to go. It’s a theme I explored in depth in a novel Reduce Heat Continue To Boil.

The So-Cal native 18-year-old, carolesdaughter, speaks in her own words about her viral success, relationship with her mom, and her childhood in a video interview with B-Sides TV .

carolesdaughter Video Interview

We wish carolesdaughter all the success in the world. We hope she continues to inspire multiple-generations, whether intentional or not, as she begins her musical career post-pandemic. If you listen to all of her music, none of it is like her viral hit “Violent” but her career is budding. Let’s see how it blooms or better yet wilts (best intentions) –sometimes a dead flower lasts longer and is more beautiful anyway.

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