Pop Politics with Congressional Candidate Christine Olivo

A first-generation Haitian American born and raised in Miami, FL, Christine Olivo is running for U.S. Representative for Florida’s 26th Congressional District. Tri-lingual in English, Spanish, and Creole, Christine grew up in the area’s melting pot, allowing her to fully understand and appreciate South Florida’s vast array of cultures. Olivo is running because she believes FL26 needs a representative who will prioritize the economy, access to healthcare, and fight for a living wage.

The outspoken advocate, educator, wife, and mother of two boys is the latest to be featured in the ongoing “10 Questions with” series. To learn more about her and her campaign, please visit christineforcongress.org.

What is your earliest school-age memory?

Christine Olivo: I was 3 years old in preschool learning that God created all of this! I remember looking to the sky and thinking that I want to be on His team.

What was your favorite grade school subject and why?

I loved Social Studies because I always wanted to understand how life operated in the past and how did we get to this point.

Who was your favorite teacher as a child and why?

Mrs. Harbolt, my 5th grade teacher, because she always kept it real.

What made you choose education as a career?

I didn’t choose education, education chose me. I got a call from the school because they were losing a teacher. Going to teach was the best decision of my life.

What do you do for fun / leisure?

I love to dance!

What first aroused your interest in politics?

Losing our country to Donald Trump in 2016 awakened something fierce inside of me

Why are you running for Congress to represent District 26?

I believe that we need every day working class people representing us in congress. I am running because I know the struggles moms face, I know the struggles small business owners face, I know the housing struggles low income and middle-class families face, I know the healthcare struggles that we all face.

What are the most important issues in your race?

Housing affordability, reproductive freedom, environmental protections and small business growth.

Why do you believe you can defeat the incumbent?

I believe that the Republican extremist right have desecrated our democracy and people are tired of it. I believe we will see an overwhelming Democratic shift in Florida to restore the balance of our state.

If elected, what would you do on day one?

We need a representative that will fight for reproductive rights, gun safety, lowering the costs of living, social security and healthcare, education, restoring our democracy and environmental protections to name a few issues. My opponent has a track record of voting against the basic needs of working class families and against our democratic system. That stops on day one! My initial legislative priorities will center around protecting our human rights. We must ensure that no government, whether state or federal, has power over our reproductive rights, voting rights or marriage rights. I will do everything in my power to make that happen.

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Michael Mut

Michael Mut is a father, publicist / small business owner, and Miami-based musician who writes, records and performs locally with Electric Piquete and Third Wheel. He founded the boutique p.r. firm Mut Communications.