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The Comedy Inn Presents Miami’s Ultimate Comedians, Bitches

The best comedy inn Miami takes place in a hotel in South Miami? It does? Ya, huh. The Comedy Inn. The Comedy Inn? Ya, The Comedy Inn. For years they’ve been hosting a monthly series bringing in top talent from all over. It’s great. Totally affordable and if ya get too wasted ya crash at the hotel.

2 drink minimum?

Nope. It’s an open bar.

Are the headliners from out of town?

Are you not listening.

What about the features?

Always a Miami comedian who could headline themselves at any given time.

And the host?

Usually David Stebbins. He’s brilliant..

But I thought the best comedy in Miami took place at the casino.

That’s because you’re a fucking idiot.

Gotcha. So where can I learn more.

Subscribe to their newsletter , maybe browse their eventbrite page. Or you can listen to Comedy Inn producer Mike Levine inn his own words on The Jitney podcast.

INT. The Comedy Inn — NIGHT

The crowd is LAUGHING its ass off.

People are watching the live stream on the internet.

The funniest comedy in Miami…

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