Crispy Streets is Miami’s First Korean Corn Dog Food Truck

Food in Miami tends to be Hispanic wherever you go. If you need to find some Cuban Cafecito there’ll, be a spot within a mile, but when it comes to anything else you might need to do some looking. There are a number of Chinese restaurants and Japanese sushi places that are all the rage right now, but if you are looking for more Korean-style food those numbers are still very few.

The creative southern Asian meal-on-a-stick, otherwise known as a Korean corn dog, started increasing in popularity during 2016. It’s a perfect, trendy treat, not only to eat, but for social media to feast their eyes on. However, the only way to get a Korean corn dog was to drive hundreds of miles to Orlando.

Until now. The delectable treat has come to the streets of Miami.

Crispy Streets is Miami’s first Korean Corn Dog food truck, with, of course, a fun Latin mix to the recipe. First making its social media presence in March 2021, the food truck quickly rose to grow a following of just over ten thousand followers. This small local business has a lot to offer with a vast majority of options on the menu, from seven crispy creations to choose from, three refreshing boba flavors, churros, and, their latest addition, street fries!

In true Southern Korean fashion, the menu offers an option of half dog or half cheese. The Latin mix comes into play with menu options such as the ‘Cuban Guy’, ‘Fried Guavita’, and ‘El Santiago.’ The menu also includes a vegan option for those who would still like to try the meal on a stick with no meat. Deviating from the traditional recipe, Crispy Streets offers to include ingredients typically served in a Hispanic fashion, adding that sweet and savory touch to that crunchy and salty goodness.

Setting up shop at a gas station on a corner of 8th street, only twenty minutes from me, I had no choice but to fulfill a long-term craving. The first detail of notice, the Crispy Streets team provided the best customer service with only a few words. The ordering process made quick and simple. On to the menu, prices are relatively cheap making it easy to come back for more. Already gone twice, and it can be confirmed that anything on the Crispy Streets menu is going to be good.

From the crispy creations, the ‘Cheesy Couch Potato’ is the best standard Korean dog you can get. It’s simple but the potatoes wrapped in the fried batter adds that extra crunch. The ‘Fried Guavita’ guava and cream cheese drizzle with queso frito on top, the true Miami style. Another popular creation, the ‘Flamin Inu’ fried with ramen noodles and topped off with hot Cheetos, definitely try it for that major crunch factor. The newest addition of the street fries was the standout dish. The combo of fries with all the sauces and toppings is the perfect comfort food. A definite must-try from the menu.

Crispy Streets food truck although relatively new, provides really good food and care for their customers. I highly recommend  anyone in the Miami area who has been craving Korean corn dogs  to check the truck out. Check them out on Instagram here.

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Aimee Salvador

Aimee Salvador is an undergraduate student at MDC, hoping to make a career for herself in the digital design/arts field