Gabriel Rhenals on his New Film, Death Cleaning

Greetings Dear Jitneyans,

My name is Gabriel Rhenals and I’m a local, award-winning filmmaker. I’d like to kindly direct your attention to a free screening of my third and latest feature film Death Cleaning. It’s taking place at Kendall Branch Library (9101 SW 97th Ave, Miami, FL) on Saturday, February 17th at 3 pm! Parking is also free!

Enter a far distant future in Death Cleaning, where a fleet of sentient robots discovers the video record of a senator’s daughter ordered to a rehab clinic in its effort to preserve the fallen human race’s history.

Dealing with themes of substance abuse, recovery and institutionalization, the film has been described as “ambitious”, “brave”, “cubist” and “intense”. The cast is comprised of local acting talent. It features original music from an accomplished composer. A Q&A with me and attending cast will follow the film’s presentation.

As sole writer, producer, director, cinematographer and editor, making the film was a mammoth undertaking. The production took approximately four months to complete. We filmed primarily on weekends and each day was relentlessly challenging.

Thankfully, the maximal amount of organization, planning and forethought I’ve grown accustomed to exercising on my film productions helped ease the load significantly. Not to mention, my familiarity with impromptu problem solving was also crucial for handling the unexpected. Of which there were many instances. Additionally, the stunning cohesion and cooperation among every single member of the amazingly talented 25+ member cast also made the production more breezy than burdensome.

With all that said, I am immensely proud of Death Cleaning.

I hope you can make it out to the screening and support truly local and grassroots filmmaking!

Here’s more information about my creative background: I began filmmaking in 2002 and, since then, I have written, produced, directed, shot and edited 16 short films and three feature films. My work has been exhibited at numerous film festivals, both domestic and international, and nationally distributed on the National Endowment for the Arts-funded PBS television show ‘film-maker’. In 2022, I published a book about my creative and personal experiences, titled ’20 Years a Filmmaker’.

To learn more about the film, please visit:

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Gabriel Rhenals

Gabriel Rhenals is the filmmaker behind Death Cleaning.