Dion Waiters Should be Named Captain of the Miami Heat

Don’t get caught napping on the Miami Heat. We kicking butt and at the top of the standings. Lots of Heat ballers deserve props, but one name shines brighter than all the Heat stars.

Dion Waiters.

My boy, Philly Cheese ain’t even played a game for the Heat yet this year and he still repping the Heat hard. Dion Waiters is showing why the Miami Heat gonna be in the NBA Finals this year.

Last month you might have heard Dion Waiters’ name on the news because he ate some marijuana gummies. He passed out on the team plane and when he woke up he had the shakes.

I know what you sayin. That sound soft. If Dion Waiters can’t take edibles, how he gonna puff that Miami crippy? The Heat took care of that business suspending him ten games for not being able to hang.

What came next tho made me and should make the rest of Miami proud. Pat Riley got in his face and said yo who on the Heat hooked you up with them gummies? 

Dion looked Riley right in the eyes and didn’t blink, he said f you homie, I ain’t no snitch.

Bro, I’m sure Riles knew James Johnson gave Dion the gummies, but Waiters had to prove himself. Snitches get stitches. And Waiters didn’t need the Heat medical staff.

He kept it real and he should be rewarded for that. When he comes off the suspension list Dion Waiters should be named Heat captain.

That’s a championship kind of move.

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Arturo Gaudi

Arturo Gaudi eats, sleeps and drinks all things Miami Heat.