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DJ Immortal: the Jitney Deejay of the Month

Legendary local disc jockey, DJ Immortal, recently created a dope intro for The Jitney Podcast, broadcasting live the fourth Tuesday of every month at Jolt radio. The intro is sick. I found an instrumental beat from Guru’s Jazzmatazz album, some old crooner song from the 40s called “The Jitney Man” and a news report about Jitney’s in Newwark, New Jersey. Look what DJ Immortal did with them.

Check out DJ Immortal on Saturday nights when he manages the tables on 104.3 The Shark or take a class with him at the Scratch Academy, recently relocated to  Hollywood, Florida.

Miami is known for music. We are a city that celebrates music. We dance. Fuck that: we get down. On the good foot.

It’s music festival season and we are pleased to announce our first deejay of the month: DJ Immortal.

DJ Immortal, alumni of Stoneman Douglas High School, manager of the Scratch Academy, turntablist extraordinaire, disc jockey on 104.3 the Shark, has been killing it in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale scene for over fifteen years.

Check out his CASH ONLY mix –listen to it while getting dressed to go out and jam.

That’s right. This shit is sexy AF

DJ Immortal has been traveling around the world representing Miami’s turntable crews. His scratching skills are legendary, reaching the DMC Finals in 2011. Don’t believe me? This dude can scratch. Like his fingers are on steroids and shit. It’s some next level shit.

DJ Immortal is all good. A father to two lovely girls with a third on the way, he’s one of the hardest working people around. He’s also mad humble and we are super stoked to profile him as our inaugural DJ of the Month.

Here’s another mix you can jam out to in your car. This one is a mash up of 90’s alternative music.

Immortal’s talents revolve around his turn table skills and ability to seamlessly transition between songs / mash-ups. The name DJ Immortal if you don’t know comes from the Immortals in the 1986 cult movie Highlander. It’s a throwback to DJ Immortal’s Irish roots. DJ Immortal grew up in New York and moved down here at a young age. He attended Florida State in the mid 90’s where he crushed keg parties with his skills. The Seminole can be heard holding down our largest alt rock radio station, 104.3 The Shark, on Saturday nights from 9 to 11pm. And he manages The Scratch Academy, a school for aspiring deejays.

Here’s one more mix if you feel up for it.

It’s got a House vibe.

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