Don’t Mess with Texas… or Afghanistan

These last few weeks have been a whirlwind on all fronts. On top of normalizing a pandemic, we left Afghanistan and made abortion illegal in Texas.  Yes, after six weeks.  Put your pens down and save your rebuttal for the end. I am sure I will get more comments than normal here.  Please remember that these are my opinions and my opinions only.

Covid numbers are higher than ever and its back to school/work we go.  I am so tired of talking about this.  Does anything even matter anymore?  I do not have a dog in this fight.  I was able to stay home and keep to myself an be fairly secluded for 75% of this pandemic.  I masked.  I’m vaccinated.  I’m also in pain and I am pissed.  You see, I was supposed to have my hip replaced in April of 2020.  It was cancelled and rescheduled four times due to Covid.  Who is making the “Due to Covid….insert some bullshit here”  t-shirts?  Most recently it was cancelled because there are no hospital beds available and massive staffing shortages.

I played by the rules and the people that didn’t get vaccinated are occupying the medical space that I need.  Ok, you don’t believe in vaccination, ok.  But do you believe in full hospitals?  Do you believe in staff shortages because the medical person or a member of their family is sick? Do you believe that my mental and emotional state has greatly diminished because I have been using a cane for the past month and can no longer even walk my dog? Do you not care? Maybe you don’t. You don’t have to.  You will care when you or your child gets sick and no one is around to help them.  You don’t want to vaccinate or mask because your body, your choice. Fine.  Let’s see how this theory works when applied to other situations.

My body, my choice.  I was low key called a hypocrite this past week.  I help women live a life that they lead and love, it’s about thriving, not just surviving.  This is not the same as preaching about positivity. In fact I wrote an article on toxic positivity. I am also a comedian.  Comedy is subjective. OK. Your body, your choice to wear a mask.  My body, and still your choice whether I terminate a pregnancy? No. That is the height of hypocrisy.

Rush week in Texas means rush the hell out of there.  What, you didn’t hear about the girl that was gang raped and is being forced to carry the subsequent pregnancy to term?  How about the teenager whose father was forcing himself on her and is now going to give birth to her child slash brother or sister?  I in no way suggested that abortion should be used as a form of birth control.  The amount of men that found their way onto my social media to go at me with their accusatory opinions makes me sick to my stomach.  The sarcasm and annoyed tenure in their comments were so arrogant and ignorant.  You can mind your own business. If it is so difficult to stomach or tolerate my opinions, you can kindly fuck right off and don’t follow me, don’t come creeping around just to add an antagonistic comment once every few months.  It just proves to me that you watch everything that I do, see all the good things that you agree with and choose to ignore it. When anything slightly controversial shows up, ding dong, there you are sticking your finger in my doorbell.  If thoughtful debate is not in your realm of possibilities, at least stick to what you know.  Until you have a uterus and the ability to birth a baby from your own body, your opinion is naught.  This is not your fight my friend.  Speaking of fights…

Last point.  Afghanistan.  If getting out of there after the war was not the end game, what the hell was it?  20 years was about 15 years too long.  If the people of Afghanistan couldn’t learn to protect their country in 20 years with us teaching them, they can not be helped, or they don’t want to be helped.  Either one works.  It was extremely disturbing to see people hurl their bodies onto the exterior bodies of airplanes.  BUT WHAT DID THEY THINK WAS GOING TO HAPPEN?  That they would cling to the wing until Germany?  I am going to say it, and no one will like it, some cultures breed extreme behaviors that are not safe for anyone involved.   It is awful, but does that make it our responsibility to fix an entire culture?  The loss of American lives is a tragedy.  Is this not the price of war?  Are the Taliban not a group of insane fundamentalists?  I personally thought that the collateral damage would be 10 times greater.  I am so thankful that we are out of that god forsaken place.  The fact that those lives were lost in efforts to preserve our freedoms is not lost on me. Thank you.  Thank you for making me safe.  Thank you for letting me know that I matter, my life matters and my freedom matters.  The debt of gratitude to our armed forces can only be paid by honoring each other in the here and now.

I am blessed.  I am grateful.  I am proud to be an American.  Let’s be kinder to our actual neighbors.  Before we insert ourselves in another country, let’s take the best care of the one we have.

Whether you acknowledge it or not we are all connected.  Whether you believe it or not we are in this together.  Whether you like it or not, we are on the same side.  We all want to survive, to thrive. To live and prosper.  I wish everyone health, wealth and happiness.

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