Local Music Salutes DJ Erin Lee

Erin Lee is a steadfast champion of local music. She always has been. We’re talking a 20-year career in broadcasting with South Florida’s biggest and best FM radio stations, Zeta, 93 Rock and The Shark.

In that regard, she reminds me of an Anthony Bourdain. Commercially successful, yet genuine and humble. Locals are indeed lucky to have her.

Now that her DJ slot and her two shows that highlight local music are on hiatus, thanks to Covid, you’d think she might put her feet up and wait it out with a piña colada or three. Not Erin. Instead, she has thrown her efforts into a live web show, Live Apparatus. And a podcast called Gone Overboard With Erin Lee.

Live Apparatus is a collaboration between Erin and the owner of Live Apparatus Studios, Juan Oña. Twice a month, they invite three bands to play a song or two in the studio and then Erin interviews the band. The bands picked for the show are not your typical commercial, mainstream bands.

“We ask ourselves, what is it about this band that draws you in? Is it the band’s look, politics, or ‘listenability’ factor? Sometimes, you can’t quantify it. The sound just inexplicably draws you in,” says Lee.

The room setup is done by Juan Oña himself, who manages to deliver studio quality audio across all social media platforms. It is an excellent showcase for local bands to get much-needed exposure. The show is also an opportunity for the public to check out a band they may have otherwise never heard of. The show is found on liveapparatus.org, liveapparatus@instagram, YouTube and on the Live Apparatus Facebook page.

Erin Lee Podcast

Overboard With Erin is a podcast she records twice a month. Each 10-15 minute episode combines her love of music with her gifts as a psychic medium. It is a music chat and intuitive guidance podcast. Erin says, “My career in radio and broadcasting has led me to be able to communicate with many different types of people. My podcast is a hybrid between radio, music, and all things spiritual.” The podcast can be found on her website, thegoldenhearthealer.com.

Or, listen here.

She’s been super-into music since age 5 when her parents took her to her first concerts, Julian Lennon, Tom Petty and Eric Clapton. By the age of 8, Erin already knew she wanted to be a broadcaster. She would set up a double decker tape player and produce episodes with her little friends. Completely normal, right? Of course it is http://mirziamov.ru/product/zaym/zaymer/!

Fortunately, Erin Lee is into “all genres of music in equal measure.” If you’re a local band that plays only originals, that’s a great thing.

Anthony Bourdain may be gone, but in South Florida, we at least have Erin. Erin Lee, local music salutes you!

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Joey Maya

Joey Maya is the author of The Drummer of Miami Beach: The Story of Joey Wrecked.