Feria Clandestina at the 7 Seas Motel Is a Four Day Miami Art Fair

Feria Clandestina at the 7 Seas Motel is a four-day Miami art fair that will host artists, galleries, and independent projects from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, United States, and United Kingdom from December 1 -4, 2022.

Special projects include installations and activations by artists Monika Bravo (Miami), Claudio Marcotulli (Miami), and Andre Komatsu (Sao Paulo). The program will showcase the recording exhibition titled Lop-Off Sessions. That event will be curated by Tony Kapel and Maitejosune Urrechaga from Houndstooth Cottage. It’ll take place on December 3 from 3 – 8 pm and include musicians like Mr. E. and Ghostflower and readings by Jitney authors  Joey Maya and David Rolland. The auction Buy or Burn by No Es Una GalerĂ­a (Mexico City/Amsterdam) on December 4 is the closing event with a set by Rat Bastard.

Clandestina was founded by Nuria Richards in 2019 as a collateral art initiative and is a channel of participation for artists, galleries, and independent projects. Clandestina partners with the local and international community to create ecosystems that promote curatorial opportunities and cultural exchange.

The iconic 7 Seas Hotel located at 5940 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, 33137 is one of the oldest motels within historic Biscayne Boulevard in the Miami Modern neighborhood, also known as MiMo. The two-story building was a filming site for productions Donnie Brasco, Dexter, and No Pain No Gain. The Property is undergoing renovation under the stewardship of Sagar Desai and Activate Hospitality.

You can reserve free tickets to the December 1 opening party ticket by clicking here.

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Tony Kapel

Tony Kapel along with Maitejosune Urrechaga make up the Miami band Pocket of Lollipops