FilmGate Interactive Media Festival Celebrates Ten Years

FilmGate Interactive Media Festival, in partnership with University of Miami, celebrates its 10th Anniversary  showcasing 35 projects from Florida, and around the world, including Taiwan, France, Germany, Canada and the Netherlands. The films highlight how emerging technology can empower new ways of artistic and media expression.

FilmGate’s 10th anniversary festival will feature talks, workshops, experiential installations, parties, music, and more, closing with a Sunset Cruise on the bay.

“This year, we are reinventing ourselves for our 10th anniversary,” said FilmGate’s Executive Director and Co-founder, Diliana Alexander. “The 2023 Festival seeks not only to mirror the world’s recuperative capabilities, but to posit art and technology as vital agents of this renewal. Drawing inspiration from the regenerative capacities of our environment and society, we aim to delve into narratives that explore the possibility of a brighter, more inclusive future. Furthermore, with the evolution of generative AI, we’re reminded that regeneration isn’t always a return to a former state: regeneration can radically redefine.”

The 2023 Festival is taking place in person and virtually both in Downtown Miami and in Coral Gables. Over the course of five days, Wednesday through Sunday, Nov. 29- Dec 3, 2023, creators, producers, tech companies and audiences of all ages will have access to 35 plus interactive experiences, 15 panels and keynotes, 4 dome experiences, a financing market, b2b meetings, music, and live events.  A dedicated lab has been created expressly for Miami and French Caribbean creators, focusing on six selected projects. Over the course of three days, the artists will experience an in-depth mentorship experience” a schedule of workshops in immersive storytelling, tech, distribution and production, culminating in a live pitch experience in front of a live audience.

Over 35 works will take place at various locations in Downtown Miami and Coral Gables, with many of the experiences and all panels taking place on campus at University of Miami’s Lakeside Center.  Other locations VR/XR and interactive experiences take place at Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science, Downtown Media Center, Perez Art Museum, Bayside Marina, and a variety of outdoor locations in Downtown Miami.

The programming, explained Alexander, was designed to create and provide opportunities for audiences to experience the  intersection of art and technology. For instance, the Festival will feature mixed reality (MR) programming using headset devices, and interactive installations and experiences that do not require headsets, all which she said, “will make audiences feel as if they are in the entirely new digital world, or in a word augmented by almost magical layers. We are leaping into a universe first imagined by science fiction writers and everyone from Apple and Microsoft, to independent creators, are exploring what that means. And we are bringing it to Miami for everyone to experience, first hand.”

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