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Florida Primary Election Endorsements–Get Out And Vote, Vote, Vote, Miami

Today, Tuesday, August 28th, is the Florida Primary Election Day. You should vote. Do it. Vote. Get to a polling place and choose candidates for November’s huge midterm elections.

Sometimes voting for some of the lesser known figures, like judges and state congressman can be hard, because you don’t know who these people are. Many people just vote for the name they like, which is silly, if you think about it. It’s like if a candidate legally changed their name to “Vote Here” –they would win. By the way, judges and state representatives are extremely important to our democracy.

The following is a list of candidates that have been endorsed by the United Faculty of Miami Dade College. It is a teacher’s union, one of the biggest in the country. They did their homework and due diligence in choosing candidates to endorse. If there are “co-endorsements” that means either candidate works. They did not choose a candidate for District 27.

We endorse David Richardson.

Hope this lists helps with the very important lesser known names.

Just get out and vote. Take a friend.

Do your job.

Florida Primary Election Endorsements

Type District Party Punch
CD 24 Frederica Wilson D 16
No Republican primary
CD 25 No primary election
CD 26 Debbie Mucarsel-Powell D 23
No Republican endorsement
CD 27 No endorsement until after primary
Gwen Graham D 61
No Republican endorsement
Attorney General
Sean Shaw D 72
No Republican endorsement
Chief Financial Officer
No Democratic Primary
No Republican endorsement
Commissioner of Agriculture
Denise Grimsley R 81
No Democratic endorsement
State Senate
SD 34 Gary Farmer D
No Republican primary
SD 36 David Perez D 87
No Republican primary
SD 38 Jason Pizzo D 91
No Republican primary
SD 40 No primary election
State Representative 
HD 103 Rick Tapia D 93
No Republican primary
HD 105 Ross Hancock D 95
No Republican primary
HD 108 No endorsement until after primary
HD 109 Cedric McMinn D 101
No Republican primary
HD 111 No primary election
HD 112 No primary election
HD 113 Michael Greico D 102
No Republican primary
HD 114 No primary election
HD 115 Jeffrey Solomon D 117
Rhonda Lopez R 113
HD 116 No Democratic primary
No Republican endorsement
HD 118 No primary election
HD 119 No Democratic primary
Analeen “Annie” Martinez R 124
HD 120 No primary election

Florida Primary Election Endorsements: Judges & More

Group Punch
Circuit Judge – 11th Judicial Circuit
8 Elisabeth Espinosa (co-endorsed) 130
David Miller (co-endorsed) 131
14 Vivianne del Rio (co-endorsed) 132
Renee Gordon (co-endorsed) 133
25 Yery Marrero (co-endorsed) 135
Joe Perkins (co-endorsed) 136
County Court
2 Rosy Anette Aponte (co-endorsed) 137
Kristy M. Nunez (co-endorsed) 138
32 Lizzet Martinez (co-endorsed) 140
Chris Pracitto (co-endorsed) 141
33 Olanike “Nike” Adebayo 142
40 Michael Barkett 144
43 Milena Abreu 146
School Board Members
District Punch
2 Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall 171
4 Perla Tabares Hantman 172
Board of County Commissioners
District Punch
2 Jean Monestime 150
6 Rebeca Sosa 152
8 Daniella Levine Cava 156
10 Javier Suoto 163
12 Jose “Pepe” Diaz 165
Mayor of Palmetto Bay
Karyn Cunningham
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