Freddy and The Flamingos Is a Variety Show of Copacabanic Proportions

Miami had a void. And was about time a flamingo filled it. Over the past few years, Freddy and The Flamingos, a variety show of “copacabanic proportions”, has fast become the most unique big ticket item in town. Freddy Flamingo is your host, hair darker than the night, but wears enough sequins to light the proceedings. He’s a shapeshifter. At once a balladeer, then a historian, he will channel the spirit of a deceased famous fortune teller to close out a show. This, while he also conducts his band, The Flamingos, a trio of tried and true musicians, all with steady hands and bossanova shoes.

Flamingo’s partner in flight, Pauley McPaulerson, a comedian who even off stage wears her own costume, corrals the many acts that traverse the feathered stage. On any given show, you have comedians, impersonators, burlesque dancers, and magicians evoking a bygone era full of laughter, awe, and mischief. Yes, it will feel like time travel. Which is why you must drink. And drink more. Alcohol is the only way to brave the bumps along the way. In other words, your trip will be boozy, whether you drink up or not.

Freddy and The Flamingos lives in two worlds. One back when smoking was still recommended by doctors. And the other when UFOs aren’t just flying around at the movies. So go on. Buy a ticket to Freddy Flamingo’s ride. Marvel at his show biz main squeeze Pauley McPaulerson. Experience the exotic pink sounds of The Flamingos. And let them all ruffle your feathers with stardust memories you won’t soon forget. Freddy and The Flamingos is South Florida’s only time warp. And to be honest, the gift bags really do steal the show. Now, the lights are twinkling, the percussion’s beating, Freddy Flamingo’s about to take off.

It all takes place Friday, May 26 at Bar Nancy. Get tickets here.

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Travis Roig

Travis Roig is a Miami Shores native, creator of old timey horror radio podcast “Terror on the Air,” a singer songwriter and most recently, the host of Roig Rage: A Podcast, a hilarious look into the struggles of a simple man trying to live in modern day Miami.