Gary Clark, Jr. Kicks Off National Tour by Blowing The Roof off the Fillmore in Miami 

Gary Clark, Jr. on a windy Saturday night in early March. Peak season in Miami. Across the street the lawn of the New World Symphony is filled with people picnicking for the free symphonic wall-cast.

The Fillmore is surprisingly packed early on. The first two tiers reserved for GA and the top Mezzanine level for ticket holders.

Local band Juke opened up with a tight 40 minutes that tuned the crowd up like a mechanic working on a gang of hogs bound for Key West. Funky. Juke never sounded better and it was good Miami vibes seeing them on a large stage.

Gary Clark, Jr. Crushes It

This guy is a storm.

And the wind is in his guitar. That guitar.

A nostalgic time machine bouncing through dimensions and eras like it is spawned from a Rick and Morty adventure.

Gary Clark, Jr.’s guitar, an assault rifle taking back land from ignorance, deliverance of reparations for the tears of those shot out.

That sexy guitar, sliding along the curves of a rhythm, hiding in the very crack between the crescendo of an orgasm and the moments that come after. All the moments that come after. That down time.

Two songs in, Gary Clark, Jr. says, “This is our first show of the tour and we’re going to play some new stuff for you, Miami.”

The crowd is older and a lot whiter than one might think. Less neo-soul, more gray, muscles, heels. 15 dollar beers and $28 double cocktails in the air, they set sail at 9:45pm for a 120 minute jam cruise.

Clark only played 8 songs.

Gary Clark, Jr.’s new album This Land is fire.

Songs like “Pearl Cadillac,” “I Walk Alone,” and “The Land” provide powerful personal and political emotion in trying times.

Recent appearances on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and Saturday Night Live are giving the Austin-based veteran blues rock guitarist nice momentum going into his spring tour.

As long as he has that guitar tho.


  1. Blak and Blu
  2. Bright Lights
  3. The Guitar Man
  4. Pearl Cadillac
  5. When My Train Pulls In
  6. This Land
  7. Don’t Owe You a Thang
  8. ENCORE: Come Together (The Beatles cover)
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J.J. Colagrande

Has written about Miami culture for twenty years, first with The Miami Herald, then Miami New Times and Huffington Post. He's the publisher of The Jitney and a full-time professor at Miami Dade College.