Who’s Hacking Jitney Books?

Jitney Books has its own Wile E. Coyote.

Or is it our own Road Runner?

For the past week when we’ve logged on to inform and entertain Miami and the rest of the cyberuniverse through JitneyBooks.com, we’ve discovered unauthorized, unwanted posts left on the website without our permission. We delete the post and a day later a new one pops up. We change our password and still they find a way in.

These spam posts are mostly written in gibberish and have financial undertones. The most recent one had the title “Ways to get Cash with No Credit Rating?” and a random sentence read, “An easy Loan without having the rough Credit Check is practical.”

Now we know we’re a burgeoning young enterprise that can’t yet afford a copy editor and typos do make their way into our stories. But we promise we are better writers than who or whatever wrote “If for example the circumstance roughly corresponds into the next description: I do not have it“ I am not given a loan without a credit history, but Because I have never applied for a loan something or” that way, usually do not despair.”

We don’t know who is doing this, but since one of the posts was written in the Cyrillic alphabet, we can only guess they are based in Russia. We have written posts critical of President Trump, so perhaps it is one of his friends?

More importantly to you, our readers, with our compromised website, how can you know that what you’re reading is Jitney approved material? Besides most of our posts being written by someone who understands the English language, the hacked posts don’t ever seem to have photographs. The stories also seem to be attributed to our beloved soccer correspondent Abel Folgar. We assume the reason for this is the name Abel comes up first alphabetically and not because someone is trying to frame Mr. Folgar due to his controversial soccer opinions.

We will try our best to find the culprits or at the very least thwart them from spamming the site any longer.

Until then, remember only read the real JitneyBooks.com. Accept no substitutes.



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David Rolland

David Rolland edits the Jitney blog. He is the author of the novels Yo-Yo & The End of the Century.