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Hitman – An Interview with the Comedian

Hitman is the people’s champ of comics.  He’ll be performing at Kay Rico on April 27 for Wine Down Wednesday, a monthly night of music, comedy, and raffles. Interpreters for the deaf will be at the show making it fun for everyone. Entry is free. Wine is amazing. The food rocks, and parking is in the back and do not miss out on $2 raffle tickets. Try their coffee. It is better than any coffee in Miami!

Before his big night on stage Hitman hopped on to the Jitney to answer some of our burning questions.

As Hitman How long have you been doing comedy for?

Hitman: It’s about to be nine months.

If you’re going to compare your first month to this month, what’s the biggest difference you’ve seen in your experience?

I started out missionary and now we do it doggy.

Oh, man! Changing shit up. I love it. Who’s your favorite comedian?

Bernie Mac. love Bernie Mac. Rest in peace, Bernie man.

Rest in paradise baby. If you had two comics that were local that you would say are the people you’re looking up to– you’re admiring or you want to be like, who would they be?

Britney Brave is the queen of Miami. She’s a female that is dominating a male industry, and I’m all about cheering for the women. Jett Willson has so much drive and it’s quick to put people on without hesitation. True leader.

Why did you choose to be a comedian and not a rapper?

Because everybody’s trying to be a rapper, and comedians have no comedians. So you know the throne isn’t you summer who just take that shit!

What comedy club gave you your first gig?

C&I. I was micro dosing and was walking around Sistrunk, and I heard comedy show, and I went there and took over.

Man, micro-dosing on what?

Penis Envy!

Okay, so you were on mushrooms? Nice. What do you like more the crowd in Miami or the crowd in Broward?

Crowd in Miami. Because strangers show more love than people that home do!

You’re a Broward boy. Where did you go to school?

I went to school at South Broward, got expelled, and moved to Plantation.

I went to South Broward. Woof woof, baby! Yeah– fun fact about South Broward man our mascot was a bulldog with mayonnaise on it’s face.

I never saw it that way. I remember as a bulldog but yeah, man—Mayo, or coke?

It didn’t matter. It was kind of both.  Ha ha ha…What’s your favorite place to eat Miami?

Favorite place in Miami. Favorite place to eat in Miami. That is tough, bro. That is fucking tough man. It was called the Knife before. I don’t know if they have it anymore.

Are you excited for the April 27 show?

Yes. My buddy, Stu Sauce is producing, and I met Stu when he was doing just music, and showing up for open mics. And I love seeing people elevate– and he started before me, and he’s doing his own shows now, and I missed the first one and I can’t miss this.

I love it. I’m excited to see your next show. You’re going to be performing with Jett Wilson this month, quite a bit. You heard it here first guys. Make sure you’re checking him out. Hitman April 27th at Kay Rico Coffee in Hollywood and again May 17 at the Miami Improv!

Thank you!

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