Human Fluid Rot Brings New Audio Experience Every Show

It’s a blast of subtle madness. He’s a sculpture of sound, sonic fried bologna and cheese whiz, Human Fluid Rot from Pompano Beach, Florida has been manipulating soundwaves since 2005, with the intentions of bringing a new audio experience with every show he is part of. A cross pollination of consumer available effects pedals and homemade sound benders, with a dash of an angry 70s television that’s been hot wired to a fifteen dollar battery powered radio from Navarro yelling at him in the background to “Find his Happy Place”.

If you’re a fan of staticscape makers, and working towards tinnitus, you’ll feel his set in your chest. With 30 plus releases on his Bandcamp, give a listen and forget what time it is. Make some coffee and let it run.

Human Fluid Rot stepped on to the Jitney to answer a few questions.

Why the name Human Fluid Rot?

Human Fluid Rot: HFR is just three words that 17 years ago (at this point) just made sense. It just worked.

What is your practice situation and how do you write your songs?

“Practice” is more experimentation. I work in a creative space that I’ve created in my home. A room filled with all the things I need to make all the noise I want.

If you can have a guest musician play with you, who would it be?

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some wonderful people over the years. I have no preference toward who I work with. As long as it works! I’m always open to fun and new people to collaborate with.

Can you talk about the most recent Human Fluid Rot release/record?

“Antler” was a tape I was able to put out with the fine folks at Black Artifact. It’s a really fun release with really heavy implications and insane artwork. VERY low quantities are still available. I also just put out a limited release of live tracks on my own label. It spans about 4 years of great gigs.

Tell us about your next album. When can we expect it?

I have four split releases recorded which are currently searching for labels to put them out. My next full length is a type of “opus” that tells a story and its release is set for March 2023.

Share with us something that you wouldn’t usually tell other people.

My life is an open book. I hide nothing BUT if I must: I have crippling body dysmorphia.

Where do you come from?

Hard Knocks. Next question.

Do you have a video coming out?

No, but I desperately need to get on that. Definitely working on something for the March release.

What was the first album you bought?

Ace of Base “The Sign” cassette single.

Anything else you want to tell me or provide to include into this?

Support literally anything and everything you can within the arts! Please I beg of you! It’s so important.

Please Provide your Social Media handles.

IG/TikTok/YouTube: humanfluidrot

Full length LP available digitally on all music platforms.

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