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Miami Heat Need to Build Jimmy Butler a Statue

Bro, I’m calling it. Miami Heat are winning the championship. They don’t even need to play the games. It’s going to happen.  100%. So why wait until they get the rings? Give the props to the guy who gonna make it happen, Jimmy Butler, right now.

You watching these games? Jimmy Butler giving everybody the business. He running down the court faster than anybody else, making all them shots. He fall down, he don’t cry like Giannis AnteOwMyBackGotABooBoo, he get back up, steal the ball and hit another clutch jumper. Homie is my hero and the city of Miami needs to honor Jimmy Butler for all he done.

And I’m not talking about giving him free lap dances at Booby Trap (you can give those to me).

I’m talkin we need to build Jimmy Buckets some statues.

Not just one statue. We need to build mofo like three statues.

Statue 1 – Leaning Over in the Bubble.

Yo, you remember that during COVID when Jimmy played so hard he had to lean over to catch his breath. If you don’t remember I want some of that herb you smokin.  Specially cause a pic of it is up top. That would make a dope statue.

Statue 2 – Dreadlocked Jimmy Butler

I don’t know how his hair grow so quick. But that’s all symbolic and shit how he got super powers. Not just on the basketball court but also on his head. When people come to Miami in the year 2203 tour guides can talk about all that art history like they do at Epcot.

Statue 3 – Cowboy Jimmy

It would be hype if they made Django Unchained part 2 starring Jimmy Butler. I’d go see that shit.

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