The Jitney Mixtape – Episode 1

Who? What? Where? That’s a lot of questions. All I can tell you with absolute certainty is that I love listening to new music. It’s fun, fascinating and daunting because it’s an endless ocean of songs out there.

With that said, I’d like to introduce you to a new feature at Jitney where each week we’ll have a playlist of  tunes that we think are worth checking out along with my quick thoughts on each track. I’d like to focus mainly on singer-songwriters but my love of all genres keeps me open to everything and I’m always looking to shout out Miami and South Florida bands. Ideally most tracks are a few weeks within release dates but don’t hold it against me if I throw something a bit older for a well rounded playlist.

All these songs are newly released, independent and gigging near you! Please support these artists! Would you like to send your song as a submission? Send an email with relevant links to [email protected] for consideration.

Rick Moon – Magic Pity 

This tune is cinematic, lush and vibrant. I don’t know why but I feel like this song is spinning around me broadway-play style. Or maybe I’m just inside a can of Coca-Cola with effervescent soda bubbles tickling me. Either way make some memories while listening to this, it’s so epic. If you didn’t notice, it’s also a Miami shout out too, for good or bad.. well look at that! Read our interview with Rick here.

David Ellis – Eyes To The Sky

Is it the 70s? I’m not sure but it’s a good place to be, a hard place to get to sometimes. This song is filled with many cool sounds. There’s upbeat melodies, harmonies and other stuff that I need to listen more closely to know what it is for sure. For fans of T-Rex and Todd Rundgren perhaps?

Fruit Bats – Cazadera

I hear a little attitude on this, it’s moderate and refined but it’s nice. It makes me want to do some strutting myself. This song has a lot got a lot going for it: musical instrumentation is on point, verse, chorus and bridge are mighty strong, the hooks gonna get you. Do you even know what a Cazadera is? No, and I’m Latin but I don’t thInk they made it up.

Jean Tonique – like you 

It’s funny when a song uses all the same cliches but when it’s done well.. well, let’s face it we look the other way. I’m fine with that, I’ll follow all the same tropes over and over again, who’s gonna stop me anyway? Plus the more percussions you have in a song, the better. No shakers? No review. JK!!! Don’t be so sensitive! This band is from France. I know weird right? Ah, he recorded this song and EP in LA so now it makes sense…

Remington Super 60 – The Highway Again

This is most definitely charming, reminds me of Broadcast and things of that nature. I’m a total sucker for synths, bouncy basslines, poppy chorus and understated vocals. I know nothing about this band, it’s a mystery really. Let’s hold hands.

Baseball Gregg – Pleasure and Pain 

Dear Baseball Gregg, your song is super cool, I like everything about it: the sounds, band name, melodies, etcetera etcetera. It’s making me hype just writing and thinking about it. All I know is that he’s from Italy and living in California, go on and stalk him on your own time. I bet it’s worth it.

Toledo – Some Samura

A bunch of nerdy dudes making music? Yes, please, count me in!  All the indie-rock lovers will enjoy this song. The breakdown, bitter sweet melodies, drums -it’s a jam.

Thin Lear – Death In A Field

Is this voice incredible or what? It’s amazingly androgynous, it’s got a special timbre, so unique. I keep thinking of KD Lang and Antony and the Johnson, voices that no one can really compare to. The song has a bit of a country twang to it so you know that floats my boat. Great track from NY native Matt Longo.

Rachel Angel – In Low

Well she’s got Angel in her name and her voice is pretty much just that. So dreamy and silky, not just the vocals but the slide guitars and drums too. Great tune, don’t sleep on this track, it will get under your skin in all the best ways. She’s Miami born and bred (and is the artist pictured above)!

Mona Lisa Tribe – People Like You

I found these ladies via the Folk and Acoustic Music Show with Michael Stock on WLRN. They got that three part blood harmony thing happening in their songs that makes me weak in the knees. They are special ladies doing it up in South Florida, give them a shout out will you!


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Oly is a voiceover artist, singer-songwriter, and cofounder of Public Works, an independent record label in Miami. She hosts a weekly "karaoke for music nerds" party at Gramps every Monday.