Juke Live Album Recording Party Saturday May 20th

If you’ve been in the Miami music scene for a while, chances are, you’ve heard of Juke. If you’ve been in the scene at all, you’ve definitely at least heard someone play who has been in the band, Juke.

I started Juke as a harmonica player, who loved the blues, but also felt the genre should evolve. I still front the band I started close to 15 years ago. I’ve always been a good songwriter, lyrically. I wanted to add that to my blues, without being anchored down all traditional standards that blues bands all generally play.

We don’t play Blues clubs. Never have, never will.

I’ve had a lot of great musicians in my band. I’ve been super fortunate. I generally like it when they come from a background of different genres. Each one changes the feel and dynamic of Juke.

I’ve often said that my rule is “if you’re not a better musician than me, I don’t need you in my band.” I believe that’s a formula for success, growth, and creativity.

That being said, I couldn’t be more happy w this current lineup. It seems to be the most cohesive Juke lineup yet and arguably the most fun.

The drummer, Korian Hannah, comes from a mostly church background. He can play several instruments, but the dynamics of his drumming style have really made the Juke sound. Plus he sings like a bird.

On bass, Marcel Salas is truly a phenomenon. A former Death Metal bassist, Marcel is the master of all styles. Not just on bass, but he’s more than proficient on several other instrument as well. His bass solos aren’t really bass solos. It’s all music and styles converging on one instrument in a unique way that is a pleasure to witness.

Guitarist, Harold Trucco is the newest member of the band. I got connected to him coming out of the pandemic and we hit the ground running ever since. People see obvious Eddie Van Halen influences in his playing. He’s got that down. But once you start listening and really hearing him play, there is so much more. He’s a student of the instrument. He’s not afraid to let go and express himself in a way that is a pure manifestation of what he’s playing. It’s been a pleasure for all of us to have him in the band.

Me, I’m just a grumpy harmonica player/singer who likes sing stories and riddles about love, religion, and existential observations. They don’t call me Uncle Scotchy for nothing.

That’s why I’m super stoked we are finally recording with this new lineup on Saturday night. Recording us live will really let people see what we are. The bluesiest non-blues, high energy, fusion band you have ever seen.

Somehow, we exist in Miami.

I’m not always sure we should.

But I’m sure that we do.

Come see why.

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Eric Garcia

Eric Garcia is frontman of the Miami band Juke.