Keys for Miami Heat to Win 4th NBA Finals

Not going to lie. If there’s one team I be cool beating the Miami Heat it’s a team named after weed like the Denver Nuggets.  But you all know the Heat gonna smoke them nugs. I called it back in April.

Here’s how the Heat are going to pack them Nuggets in their gravity bong, light ’em up and get high as #$%@ to win their fourth NBA championship.

Miami Heat need to score more points than Denver Nuggets

I hear these million dollar guys on TV saying the key in the game is rebounding. Or the key in the game is defense. They stupid. Only thing that matters at the end is who scores more points. If the Heat score more points every game then series over and championship x4 for Miami Heat.

Foul Nikola Jokic hard

Yo, you see that big white guy on them Nuggets, Nikola Jokic? He call himself the Joker, but I don’t think I ever seen him laugh. He always crying and getting angry. And he got a temper. Last year Morris on the Heat gave Jokic a little love tap and he went all crazy pushing Morris from behind. This year that Joker got mad at the Phoenix Suns owner for not giving him the ball fast enough and he push that little rich guy down.

Heat need to make him mad.

Pull his hair, kick him in his little Nuggets and he’ll lose his temper and get kicked out of the league.

Replace Nikola Jokic with Nikola Jovic

Last year when the Heat drafted Nikola Jovic, my boy Carlos say to me Pat Riley gone senile. Carlos be talking smack saying Pat Riley so sleepy he thought he drafted Nikola Jokic. I had to explain, yo, Pat Riley playin chess while everybody else playin with themselves.

Now’s the time the Jovic draft pick going to pay off for the Heat.  Udonis Haslem need to drug Jokic, put some horse tranquilizer in his meat, then when Jokic get knocked out Jovic put on that Nuggets uniform and pretend he got a k in his name and start shootin bricks. Game over. Heat get rings.

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Arturo Gaudi

Arturo Gaudi eats, sleeps and drinks all things Miami Heat.