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Learning Spanish while the World Ends

The spread of COVID-19 has impacted all our lives. So what better time to learn Spanish than right now?

Being born and raised in Miami yet speaking only English comes as a bit of a surprise for some. Most of my friends speak the language and part of me always felt a bit left out.

So, seeing as we’ll be locked inside our homes until at least May, I decided to take advantage of my idleness. I took up Rosetta Stone on their offer of a free trial of any language and learn Spanish, properly.

I already had a grasp of simple Spanish sayings such as: hello, goodbye, my name is. But being bilingual would help me with job opportunities. Learning Spanish is  a natural evolution for any job.

My Rosetta Stone plan consists of six weeks of core lessons that include, colors, basic sentences, clothing and sizes, and locations. They last up to 30 minutes a day, and so far, it is been going very well.

I go at my own pace. The program makes sure that I understand everything thoroughly before I continue. In tandem with Rosetta Stone, I also listen to Spanish news channel and interviews of soccer players on YouTube to help with my conversation fluency.

It is a great learning tool, and if there is any shining light to come out from this awful pandemic is that there are plenty of free resources to help us home dwellers enrich our minds.

Hopefully, whenever the lock down lifts, I will be able to have a fluent conversation in Spanish

with my local Publix cashier or even my doctor! Who knows? The possibilities are endless, and that is the exciting part.

Learning a new language not only improves your cognitive abilities, it can help you understand other cultures. In a rapidly changing world where the future is uncertain, getting in touch with people from a different background than yours is one way to make sure you stay grounded.

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