One Band at Legion Memorial Park

I plan to get a decent workout here using one band. Legion Memorial Park is at 6447 NE 7th Ave, Miami, FL 33138.

Mr. Skeptical asks, “Why is it called Legion Memorial Park? Did somebody die here?”

“No. The park used to be a meeting place for American Legion Veterans. It’s named after their service and sacrifices.”

I put on my hat, for there isn’t much shade. The trees cover a portion of the workout area but not all of it.

“You look like an old man with that hat on,” says Mr. Skeptical. 

“At 54, many would argue I am an old man, but I believe that’s relative.”

In the picture above, I’m doing pull-ups in the only area to do pull-ups because they don’t have a stand-alone pull-up bar. To go high enough, I use the thicker blue bar to do the pull-ups, which is fine because using a thicker bar helps one develop better grip strength. See my post on the importance of grip strength here.

Of course, (below) if one has difficulty doing a pull-up or chin-up, the band is helpful.

On another machine one can do a pull-down exercise. However, using only my body weight is not enough of a workout for me, and there isn’t a way to use the band to improve the workout. But since I was able to do pull-ups earlier, that’s fine.

Below, I’m doing a chest press exercise. Here, the band works excellently, increasing the resistance dramatically.

The dip bar seemed too wide to do effective dips on them. You can do them, but it’s too broad, in my opinion.

I don’t find much use of the stepper-type machine. I suppose if somebody is a lot older and weaker they may be able to get a decent workout by just stepping.

Mr. Skeptical adds, “Just say the truth. If somebody is fat due to the heavier weight, they’ll get a better workout with that machine.”

“You know that’s not nice.”

Mr. Skeptical smiles and says, “But it’s true. There should be a sign above that machine that says ‘FOR FAT PEOPLE’”

In the pic above, the band makes for a much better workout in the leg press.

Mr. Skeptical shakes his head and complains, “There are little kids around.”

I agree there are, but I simply ignore the kids. But I do wonder why they aren’t in school, for it’s a Tuesday at 1 PM. Shouldn’t the kids be at school? 

I glare at Mr. Skeptical and add, “When we were at Flamingo Park, you complained about the older people. Now you’re complaining about the kids. You just like to complain.”

He glares back at me and adds, “Yeah, when I hang out with you, you bring out the complainer in me. I wonder why?”

I do bicep curls with the band, letting my anger towards Mr. Skeptical not go to waste. 

Don’t complain. If a park is close to you, make do with what you have and use bands to improve your workouts. 

Take full responsibility for your fitness. 

Be aware. 

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Hermann Diehl

Hermann was a chiropractor for 22 years. Now a personal trainer and writer, see his newsletter at