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Light in the Dark Fest Brings Music to Fort Lauderdale

This Saturday, January 28, Light in the Dark Fest takes place from 1:30-6:30 at Craft Beer Cellar Fort Lauderdale. The musical line-up is headlined by Tristen, who is described as somewhere between Tom Petty, Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein, Kate Bush, The Shangri-Las, and Joni Mitchell. Light in the Dark Fest will also feature performances by Rachel Goodrich, Kaylan Arnold, Paisley Fields, and Wiley Gaby. Tickets are available to purchase here. Before the event Light in the Dark Fest founder Becca Joseph hopped on the Jitney to tell us about the event.

What is Light in the Dark Fest?

Becca Joseph: Light in the Dark Fest began during peak Covid 2020 as two online fundraiser festivals for Food Chain Workers Alliance and Save Our Stages. The first real life version of the festival is taking place this Saturday, January 28 from 1:30-6:30 at Craft Beer Cellar Fort Lauderdale.

My main objective is utilizing the arts for positive change on the societal level, drawing inspiration from the Transcendentalists, the Beatniks, the hippies, the civil rights movement, the punks with a cause such as bands like Operation Ivy, and other counter-cultural and cultural reform efforts.

How did you come up with the line-up?

Being inspired by the socially conscious musicians of the 1960’s such as Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell, and the Beatnik movement and their critique of issues such as consumerism and industrialization, I seek to find artists with these type of values, those who address complex sociological and existential issues and solutions.

To find these types of artists it is often like finding a needle in a hay stack, as there are plenty of new age types singing “love the earth, kiss the earth” and it doesn’t feel the least bit heartfelt. Additionally, I am also looking for the psychedelic sound of the 1960’s, and free spirits who have updated their art for the current time.

What are some can’t miss aspects of the festival?

Tristen, the headliner, is coming down from Nashville just for the event. To learn more about her, read my writeup here.

Is this a one time event or are you planning more festivals and/or shows in the near future?

I am already looking into the lineup for 2024, so stay tuned!

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