Listening Den: One of Miami’s More Intimate Concerts

The Listening Den is one of those events that make you happy you live in Miami. Whether in the middle of season, or at the end of May.

Rain or shine, the vibes will be flowing, as will the drinks, heads, eats and beats.

Tucked away in Little River, the Ace Prop House is a dope venue.

This space isn’t used often, maybe two or three times a year.

There’s a spot in New Orleans called Mardi Gras World, it’s a museum for Mardi Gras floats, basically a place props go-to die. Sometimes it’s used as a music venue. That’s the closest comparable that comes to mind for the Listening Den, just smaller and more intimate.

Listening Den Is Intimate yet Spacious

Prism Creative Group events don’t need much promotion. The organizers have figured out the formula for turning out quality events for locals. Keep it fresh and real (PLUS+) creativity and thinking outside the box (PLUS+) curate with quality (PLUS+) bring in the right partners = blown up local events. Miami would be considerably worse off without them. Subscribe to their Blog to stay tuned to cool local events and read below for all the deets on the Listening Den.

This year’s first Listening Den features the upbeat and jammy sounds of Patrick & The Swayzees, a Key West band up here to weather the storm.  Fort Lauderdale’s KIDS open up the night. 

Set time:

7:30PM – 8:30PM – KIDS

9PM – 10PM – Patrick & The Swayzees

Event is Free, RSVP required.

Parking onsite is $5.

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J.J. Colagrande

Has written about Miami culture for almost twenty years, first with The Miami Herald, then Miami New Times and Huffington Post. He's the publisher of The Jitney and a full-time professor.