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Mango Strut Parade 2018: Here’s What You Missed

There is no event in Miami that makes one feel so Miamian than the Mango Strut Parade. In its 37th year, it is tradition; it keeps the Grove weird. It’s a place you want to bring your kids and a cooler.

But things they are-a-changing. Definitely the least turned out Mango Strut parade in memory, but more room than usual is not a bad thing.

Highlights of Mango Strut Parade

Fake news, Pinocchio’s with big noses, alternative facts

Red tide, year round Xmas w Slimy Clause

Grand Master was  Notorious RBG. They played staying alive, staying alive..

The running of the bull-shitters, a tradition..

Erectile dysfunction troop…a play on our fucked up elections.

Fake America Rake Again.

Took a minute to catch this reference. But it was to Trump making a comment to the Finnish President about how to fix climate change / wild fires is to rake the forests…rake the forests, all will be well..

Throwing toilet paper into the crowd via Trump in Puerto Rico

A pack of Meliania Trump’s wearing “I really don’t care jackets”

The marching Fred’s of course..

Tricked out VW with hydraulics…that was dope.

Little Doobie snacks in a hippie van

A Russian operative spy..he was weird.

A trashy mermaid covered in plastic.

Multiple RBG’s, one half way dead but on a defibrillator.

Trump real estate reps, looking to build on Mexico…

The caravan has to have some place to stay…

Red, red tide band on a truck, playing a pun on ” red red wine.”

Tons of drowning in plastic references.

Brett Cavanaugh I LIKE BEER..funny.

Stormy Daniels, Joe Biden running for pres, Mark Zuckerberg w his eye on you. And a few more gimmicks. 

There’s nothing better than a sunny Sunday in the Grove. As much as shit is changing, it’s good to hold onto tradition.

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