Mary May I – Is it Possible to Have a Relationship with a Narcissist?

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Is it possible to have a relationship with a narcissist? – Being Tried in Tamarac

Short answer, yes. But you can have relationships with all kinds of douchey people. I see people trying to pick the least douchiest. 

No, it doesn’t work like that. No baby, you need to vibe higher. 

I don’t entertain that fuckery for long.  Sometimes it takes a minute for them to show it and for you to see it. But when it’s out, it’s out and you can’t stuff it back in them. I would rather be alone. When you are with a narcissist ya kinda feel alone a lot of the time anyway. 

So why deal with their dishes and laundry AND INSANITY? Bye now. 

How the hell can you live and enjoy every inch of your life (which you should be) snap snap when you have that rain cloud all up in your biz?

If it walks like a narc and talks like a narc, have that narc take you to dinner and gently guide them from your life. 

This also takes skill, it’s tricky because they are really good at reeling you back in. I can teach you my ways.  I make them feel like breaking away was their idea. 

Stop letting your brain think, and your heart sink and feeling like you don’t exist. Recognize and acknowledge that grody vibe you get. You know the one I’m talking about, I know that you feel it. 

If you stay, don’t complain. You can’t be mad at a dog for doing dog things. Now that you know you can’t blame them for being themselves, ya dig? Stop gaslighting yourself. Be strong. 

Make sure you look just as good leaving as you did when you were coming. Love yourself enough to be a confident partner.

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