Funny In Pink: Mary Smith on Catching Mary Smith. Catch Her If You Can

Mary Smith is one of Miami’s hidden gems. Except she’s not hiding. You can catch her weekly at one of Miami’s many comedy dens.

We are happy to have Mary on-board The Jitney. She’s so boss (and funny), in classic Jitney fashion, we let her interview herself.

Hello Mary, thank you for sitting up on your couch to participate in this interview.

Mary-you bet…

MS-tell our readers where they can catch you performing next.

Mary-My pleasure!  This coming Thursday, April 18th, I will be featuring at “Funny in Pink” , an all female line up curated by the one and only Julie Baez.  

MS-fantastic!  How is it possible to get an all-female line up on a steady basis?  I mean, it is a male-dominated field, and I mean, how many funny women can there be here in South Florida?

Mary-well, they walk among us.  These funny women are not as elusive as people once thought. In fact, a female now hails as Miami’s Ultimate Comedian!  Congrats to Jackie Sanchez! My hunch is they just aren’t given as many opportunities as a human with a penis is offered.  This is a theory I am researching, I have no actual proof. I personally have not experienced this sort of prejudice or sexist behavior.  Literally-NO ONE has asked for a sexual favor in order for me to get booked.

MS- Not once? No one has hit on you?

Mary – Well, no males anyway.


MS-tell me about the line up.  What can people look forward to?

Mary – Well, Funny in Pink Productions is a Julie Baez creation.  She is tireless. I used to be so jealous of her when we were coming up because she was hustling and grinding five nights a week and I wasn’t allowed out.  I was married to a Cuban and he wanted to know who was going to make his sandwiches.

The headliner is Eli Rodriguez, one of my faves.  We also work together at Have-Nots Comedy. Not afraid to push boundaries, or a shopping cart, or someone down the stairs to get to where she is going.  Look out. That’s for y’all in the front row!

Guest spot is Pauly McPaulerson, that is her real name.  She has been putting in time at the Improv, The Comedy Inn  and Open Stage Club. She has been putting out in a bunch of  places too!

MS – Oh, can you just behave, girl.

Mary- if I must.

MS–Last question. What makes Miami comedy different from say, NYC or LA? 

There are FAR FEWER opportunities in all mediums, stages, acting gigs, production.  Not just cause we are girls. Just cause we live in Miami. We aren’t competing with the guys.  We are competing with  sunshine, surf and cocaine.

Support local comedy and catch Funny In Pink this Thursday at 8:00pm at Bousa Brewing. Click here for more deets. 

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