Mary May I – Can I Drop a Mentally Ill Friend?

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I have a friend who I think has become mentally ill. She had COVID last year and insists she has a laundry list of what she says are long haul symptoms. She’s always been prone to anxiety, now it’s off the charts. Two doctors have told her it’s all in her head. A psychiatrist has put her on anti-anxiety meds.

She’s very angry and defensive about….everything. We have talked every day for years but now it usually ends with her blowing up at me. I feel like  dropping her but I know that’ wrong. How do I cope with this and be there for her? — Fed Up in Fort Lauderdale

This hits close to home since anxiety and depression are at an all time high.  Mental health issues are a hot topic.  I do get a lot of questions from people that I suspect are struggling with their thoughts.

Without knowing what’s leading up to the “blow ups” I can tell you that aggression, as far as I know, isn’t a long haul symptom. If you are truly committed to keeping the love alive,  answer her with “ I can understand why you are upset, maybe you should find a doctor that you trust.” If she’s on the meds, give her 30 days. Hopefully she will show some signs of calmness.  You’re not the enemy, and life is too precious to be solving other people’s problems.  I realized during this pandemic that a lot of the emotional and mental stress I had was not even mine.

I recommend that everyone focuses more on their own stuff and less on everyone else’s. She has medical professionals advising and guiding her. Encourage her to continue seeing them. I wish you luck. 

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