Metaphysical Hotline, an otherworldly theatrical experience

Live Arts Miami has done it again with Metaphysical Hotline.

In the final performance of an environmentally themed season, Live Arts Miami is producing a world class, conceptually brilliant and engaging work of fine art by local artist Fereshteh Toosi.

Metaphysical Hotline is simply luminous.

Here’s the concept.

You, the participant, fill out an interesting, well-designed, thoughtful, personal online questionnaire (takes 7 to 10 minutes).

Then, you choose a day and a time you would like to be called. If chosen, and you will be, you will receive a personal 40-minute phone call from a psychic medium to discuss your connection to an ancestor. The ancestor will not be from the past, but from the future.

The conversation will be a discussion of your legacy, specifically pertaining to the environment and the planet we all share.

It’s brilliant. Metaphysical Hotline is basically an intimate immersive theater experience but in a remote setting. All during this pandemic, it is hard to pinpoint or imagine a better conceived art experience.

You will receive a phone call and from the comfort of your own home, or the serene setting of a local park or beach, you will experience smart, interactive¬† multi-dimensional, multi-generational theater, leaving you slightly better for all of time. That’s pretty cool.

So take the questionnaire now.

Listen to the call for submissions.

Share the idea with a friend via social media or text.

And watch the promo video below.

Metaphysical Hotline.

Performance dates are June 4-13.

Questionnaire deadline May 23rd, but may be extended.

Location: your phone


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