Miami Heat Need to Draft Caitlin Clark

Bro, I hate to say it but the Miami Heat are washed. It been like a whole year since my boys made the Finals. The fans deserve more. Ever since Jimmy Butler went emo the Heat been playing soft.  Herro should change his name to Zerro for how many games he plays, and we can’t beat nobody good.

It time Pat Riley wakes up and draft a baller who going to shake up the league.  We need that chick who can shoot.

Caitlin Clark.

Draft her, Pat.

I know what y’all saying, Caitlin Clark a girl, she can’t be playing with no men.

You acting like you never been around no NBA players. They all hornballs. Half the time in a game they trying to impress some honey they put in the expensive seats. You put a girl on the floor, they all going to be too distracted to do nothing.

Just imagine, Caitlin Clark dribbling the ball up midcourt and some perv like James Harden be like, “Yo, what up girl?” and she shoot one of her moonball threes and the Heat already got the lead.

Now I’m not saying Caitlin Clark going to be ready for the league in day 1, but the Heat are famous for their develop mental program. They going to make sure she get a lot of Cuban food in her so she got a little more shake. Maybe they’ll take her in to get a Brazilian butt implant? I don’t know. They got their ways.

All I know is the Miami Heat got to do something.

The fans deserve it.

I deserve it.

James Harden deserves it.

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Arturo Gaudi

Arturo Gaudi eats, sleeps and drinks all things Miami Heat.