Miami Mayor Francis Suarez Is Video Blogging His Coronavirus Infection

In this age of oversharing it seemed strange that  no one was streaming a video diary of what it was like to suffer from  coronavirus. True, only NBA stars and political leaders  currently have the pull to get tested, but in our Facebook Live era, you’d think someone out there that was infected would chronicle what suffering from this virus that we hear so much about and know so little  was like. Fortunately City of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez is filling that void.

It’s not a coincidence that Americans only started taking coronavirus seriously on Wednesday night when both actor Tom Hanks and NBA player Rudy Gobert reported positive. In order for people to get a handle on the unknowns of coronavirus we needed to attach a human face to it. Since none of our friends, family, nor acquaintances have access to being tested, it took a celebrity to make this feel real. It will be even more of a public service if someone out there put a public face to what the symptoms are. For the last couple days Mayor Francis Suarez has been doing just that.

On his Twitter account @FrancisSuarez and on his Instagram account @francisxsuarez, the Miami mayor has posted videos in both English and Spanish of what he is physically going through. So far he just describes himself as feeling run down. We wish him and everyone infected a speedy recovery, but wherever this journal takes him, we hope  Suarez will continue sharing and provide some first hand insight to something we’ve only thus far heard terrifying second hand reports about.


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Day two of living with COVID-19. Here’s how I’m feeling as well as some updates.

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