Miami Music Released during Quarantine

It’s been a tough few months for musicians. Obviously it’s been a tough few months for everyone, but musicians have a unique set of problems caused by quarantine.  Sure they can play a concert in their bedrooms without an audience, but what fun is there in that?

But thanks to Thomas Edison and his inventor descendants, musicians can record their music for us to hear any place with access to WiFi. Because usually such recordings are celebrated with a live performance, we wanted to give some extra love to music released by Miami musicians that got short shrifted by COVID-19.  Here’s a list of Miami music you might have missed because it was released during quarantine.

Ex Norwegian – Hue Spotting Spotting Hues

Ex Norwegian put out not one, but two new albums. Hue Spotting is all original compositions with a psychedelic vibe while Spotting Hues are cover songs by obscure psychedelic bands.

Monterrey – “Terrarium”

Released in May “Terrarium” channels The Gorillaz with a whimsical beat meshing with serious lyrics reflecting on helplessness in the face of global warming.

Juan Ledesma – “Going Forth”

The full EP comes out June 30 from the former frontman of Krisp. For now you will have to content yourself  with this peppy title track.

Xotic Yeyo – “Bad Romance”

The funk quartet put their distinctive spin on the Lady Gaga classic in this fun video. If you’re a fan of this Xotic Yeyo will have another original song out in the beginning of July.

Airhockey – “Just Not Fair”

How is it possible that retro synths still sound so futuristic? Airhockey explore that question with this new song.

MC Jumanji – Close Curtains

Local grime rapper MC Jumanji dropped this new EP just last week comprised of seven tracks of hard hitting beats and rhymes.

Cannibal Kids – Deadheads

The Homestead rockers went for a more bedroom pop sound on their newest nine track album that came out in February.

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David Rolland

David Rolland edits the Jitney blog. He is the author of the novels Yo-Yo & The End of the Century.